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China's low-voltage contactor market challenges and opportunities coexist


In the context of the global economic crisis of 2008-2009, the entire low-voltage electrical industry in the mainland, like other industries, faces unlimited challenges as well as opportunities for change. It is also brewing changes and accumulating adjustments. Many suppliers are After actively pondering its own way out: After a joint venture between Schneider and Delixi, both parties hope to expand their market with the strength of the other party; ABB reorganizes the Group's automation business unit to separate low-voltage electrical appliances from the Automation Products Department and become the company's five major departments. First, Siemens held a grand celebration for the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Suzhou Siemens Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (SEAL) this year, and strengthened its investment in its R&D center. This is evident from its $200 million investment in building a new R&D building. Both Chint and Tianzheng have also launched their own high-end brands, hoping that they can also get a share in the domestic high-end market; and LS Power, Shihlin, Taian, etc. have all increased investment and channels in the mainland. Investment and marketing promotion; Mueller also intends to reduce the low-voltage electrical products of some small current specifications To strengthen its market competitiveness, Shanghai Liangxin, the dark horse that is known as the most noteworthy of the low-voltage electrical industry in mainland China, is committed to opening up the middle and high-end markets in mainland China. This year has achieved good performance and market performance... These adjustments and changes, Making the mainland low-voltage electrical appliance market look complicated and unclear...

As a major product of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry, the contactor's market and its changes have also been of concern to industry enterprises; based on this, Beijing G & B Joint Consulting Co., Ltd. timely launched the "2010 mainland low-voltage contactor market in September 2010. “Investigation Report”, the report systematically analyzed the overall market size of the mainland low-voltage contactors, market competition, OEM machinery supporting, power, construction/real estate, metallurgy, petrochemical and rail transportation, and other six key subdivided application markets, with different current specification breakdown The content of the product and the price level, etc., focused on the research of 20 domestic and foreign-funded major suppliers such as Schneider and Chint. Now part of the research report is summarized as follows:

The overall market size of contactors is relatively large, accounting for 18.22% of the overall market capacity of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry.

As a general class and basic class product of low-voltage electrical products, contactors are widely used in OEM machinery supporting, electric power, construction/real estate, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries. According to the report of the joint report of the GZ, the market size of the mainland's low-voltage contactors in 2009 was approximately 8 billion yuan, accounting for 18.22% of the total market size of the entire low-voltage electrical appliance industry in the mainland, and the overall market size was relatively large.

China's low-voltage contactor suppliers show significant differences in market performance during the economic crisis

Throughout 2009, the impact of the global economic crisis on the mainland's low-voltage contactor suppliers was divided into two categories: The performance of one group of companies decreased significantly, while the performance of another group of companies decreased instead of falling. From the perspective of the larger 20 sample survey companies, their performance in 2009 was roughly flat; but from the perspective of the production and sales data of about 2,000 low-voltage contactors in the overall market, the economic crisis touched mainland China in 2009. The device market did not cause much impact and impact, and its overall market size still grew by 6.99%.

In 2008-2009, in the context of the economic crisis, some leading enterprises in the end-use industry were relatively strong or export-oriented leading enterprises became the first victims of the economic crisis. Their own development was affected and their low-voltage contacts were reduced. The purchase expenditure of the device, or the selection of a low-end brand with a higher price advantage, replaced the brand, resulting in a large scale of low-voltage contactors, and in particular, the market performance of foreign-branded suppliers such as Schneider and Siemens has significantly decreased in different degrees. At the same time, some low-end suppliers have seized market opportunities and expanded their market share. As the economic crisis has a significant impact on the mainland market in the second half of 2008 and the first half of 2009, but under the stimulation of the national macroeconomic policies and four trillion investment, the overall economic situation in the mainland in the second half of 2009 has improved markedly. The market has also recovered, and the downstream applications of low-voltage contactors, such as OEM machinery, power, metallurgy, petrochemical, and rail transit, have also recovered and increased, which also supports the annual growth rate of low-voltage contactors of 6.99%.

Low-pressure contactor market showed rapid growth in 2010

With the further improvement and recovery of the domestic macroeconomic situation and export markets, some low-voltage contactor manufacturers in mainland China even experienced a rapid growth of over 50% from January to August in 2010. From the perspective of customs import and export data, low-voltage contactor products The actual export growth rate is 52.4%. According to a joint comprehensive analysis by JF, the low-voltage contactor market in mainland China will increase by 24.55% year-on-year in 2010.

The gap between domestic capital and foreign brands in the mainland low-voltage contactor market is still large

The gap between domestic capital and foreign brands in the mainland low-voltage contactor market is mainly reflected in two aspects. One is the market segment. Foreign brands rely on quality advantages to occupy most high-end markets such as rail transit, nuclear power, and wind power, while domestic capital The brand has made few achievements in these subdivided areas. The dominant areas of domestic-funded brands are still concentrated in the low-end application markets such as construction, real estate, and OEM machinery support; in this sense, the technical performance between domestic and foreign brands of contactor products. The gap is still large; the other is the product price positioning. According to the joint survey conducted by Gyff, the highest price of a foreign brand is more than 11 times that of a domestic brand in the 400A product category, which indicates that many domestic companies The competition strategy and route that are still taking a low price, the competition strategy and market positioning between domestic and foreign-funded contactor brands are still very different.

For different sub-industry customers, targeted product development and marketing will be the development trend of the mainland's low-voltage contactor market competition in the future.

According to the joint survey conducted by the company, it has been found that both domestic and foreign-branded low-voltage contactor suppliers are conducting corresponding and specialized product research and development for different industries, and marketing tools are becoming increasingly diverse. This shows that the mainland low-voltage contactor market competition has quietly upgraded.

In short, regardless of how the market of mainland low-voltage contactors changes during the period of 2008-2010, there is a development trend that will inevitably occur. That is, as foreign brands become more localized, channel efficiency is improved, and prices continue to decline; The company pays more and more attention to R&D and innovation, management professionalism, and production modernization, looking for ways to try high-end brands. The prices of certain products will go up – market competition will become more and more intense, and the overall market of low-voltage contactors will Will be more mature.

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